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Jokjok (BE) creates motion graphics for corporate events and artistic projects.

After years of collaboration with artists worldwide and inspiration by both Asian and Western culture, jokjok decided to make Cambodia his new home. Currently working on motion graphics, video mappings and live visuals for numerous events.

For many years jokjok worked as a VJ for Belgium’s finest clubs, festivals and parties like: Tomorrowland, Pole Pole, Gent light festival, Gentse Feesten, Kozzmozz, Retro Acid, Fuse club, Tresor Berlin and many more.

Jokjok has the skills, the feel and the knowhow to create visual content and design video mappings for various companies and events, going from corporate product launches to techno parties and rock concerts to weddings.

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 Video Mapping

Video mapping is the art of making 3d objects and buildings come alive.
Creating customized content and using specialized software to obtain this amazing effect.

 VJ Loops

A collection of my VJ loops and VJ mixes

 Motion graphics

Motion graphics within the client's total concept. Parties, weddings, commercials.
Visual design, filming, editing


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